What If the Truck Runs Out of Power?

Apr. 23, 2020

The truck suddenly becomes dynamic when it is moving. When it encounters such problems, it not only consumes fuel but also delays things. Then what causes the vehicle to suddenly lose power?

There are many factors that cause the sudden weakening of power in vehicles. Nissan cylinder head factory introduces the most common failures that cause power deterioration...

The main role of a diesel filter is to remove diesel sundries, to prevent the common rail system, especially fuel injection nozzle jam. Good filtering performance of diesel oil can effectively reduce wear and tear, ensure the stable operation of the engine, improve the reliability of the engine.

Some areas of the domestic oil quality are relatively poor, in the long-term use of these diesel, diesel water or impurities in the diesel if not filtered clean, the plunger in the nozzle occasionally parts of wear and tear.

Fuel injector damage will cause engine acceleration instability, weak acceleration, or emissions of black smoke and other faults, affecting the normal operation of the vehicle.

The gap is too small or the pressure relief air supply is insufficient in the cylinder with a bad seal

The valve is an important part of the engine, responsible for the air input and exhaust gas emissions, check whether the intake valve clearance is too small, if the intake valve clearance is too small, the engine air supply is insufficient, the cylinder fuel is insufficient, the power is smaller. If the valve seal is poor or clearance is too large, easy to cause pressure relief in the cylinder, will also cause the vehicle dynamic performance decline.

Auto Engine

Auto Engine

Insufficient fuel combustion in the cylinder

If there is a problem with the vehicle's air intake system, first check whether the air pipe is broken or the joint is loose and leaks air. If the air intake pipe leaks, the diesel engine cylinder is not enough oxygen supply, combustion is not sufficient, the power will be reduced.

Air filter as the lung of the engine, its role is very important, the air filter in the use of a period of time, the filter will be covered with dust, filtering capacity, easy to cause the mixture is too thick and make the engine work abnormal, power performance. Daily attention should be paid to the cleaning and maintenance of the air filter, the filter effect should be changed immediately.

At present, diesel engine pays more and more attention to the use of a supercharger. The supercharger can increase the intake pressure, increase the intake of the engine, and make the fuel burn more fully, so as to improve the power of the engine. If there is a problem with the supercharger, the amount of air supplied to the engine will be reduced and power will be reduced.

The supercharger is often in high speed, high-temperature working environment, daily use must pay attention to the three problems:

Don't drive away when you are cold.

2. Do not shut off the engine immediately after driving.

3. The oil and filter must be genuine.

After the supercharger compression, the air density is large and the temperature is high. In order to maintain the stable temperature and pressure of the supercharged air, the intercooler is needed to cool the air, so as to reduce the heat load of the engine, increase the air intake and increase the engine power.

Due to a variety of factors, such as the use of poor quality air filters, pipeline rupture, and other reasons, the internal intercooler is very easy to become dirty, blocked, has basically lost the use-value.

The custom automobile spare parts factory reminds you that there are many reasons for the sudden power loss of a vehicle on the move. If the repair factory encounters such a problem, you can conduct an inspection from these two aspects first, and then carry out the professional repair, inspection, and maintenance.