Brake Throttle Failure! Neutral Gear Can Save Lives At Critical Moments

Apr. 30, 2020

When driving what is the most frightening situation, brake failure and throttle stuck is undoubtedly the most frightening things on the road. Although these circumstances can be avoided through regular maintenance at ordinary times, everything is not absolutely, a little more attention is absolutely no harm.

How to ensure safety when the brake is out of order and the throttle is jammed? Nissan cylinder head factory to share with you:

Throttle card dead, ensure their own safety first

According to a friend who often runs short and medium distance transportation, his car may be due to the problem of the car age, in the process of driving at ordinary times, the throttle will occasionally appear to receive oil slowly. So if that's the case you have to pay attention.

Because many previous models are using the mechanical throttle if there is a slow return to the oil is likely to be the aging of the cable lead to a slow return to the oil. And for the use of electronic throttle models, the throttle is by the servo motor control throttle switch Angle. Although say the probability of failure of the motor is lower, but still has to prevent.If the above two kinds of throttle jam, the emergency method should be consistent.


If the accelerator gets stuck, or springs back more slowly, it will cause the car to continue to pump gas and jump forward. According to friends who have experienced the experience, the braking effect of the car is not particularly obvious at this time or at the end of the foot, because of the continuous output of power.

Don't panic, step on the clutch

In the case of such an emergency, the old driver may be able to calm down to deal with, and the novice may be the first thought is to hit the brakes, maybe because the two-foot break delays the best time to save themselves.

In the case of throttle jam, the first time should be to clutch as far as possible to hang in neutral, or not directly on the clutch to let the power interruption output. Because the engine lost the gearbox constraints, there will be a high-speed idling. Don't let the roar of the engine scare you at the moment. The only thing you should be concerned about is how to stop safely.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Do not stop the engine if the speed is too fast, the brake steering will fail

If the speed of the vehicle is not fast before the throttle is stuck, you can try to stop the engine by stepping on the clutch to interrupt the power output.

It must be emphasized that in the case of more tortuous routes, remember not to turn off the power of the key, and you must wait for the vehicle to stop before turning off. If the vehicle stalls without stopping, not only may the brake fail, but also the power steering pump will not provide oil pressure normally, and the steering spool will become difficult to steer due to the loss of oil pressure.

Finally, the OEM ford cylinder head factory reminds friends that the car still needs diligent maintenance to reduce the probability of vehicle failure. Secondly, the regular service station can detect potential failures of the vehicle early and reduce these emergencies. The situation happened.

Here, we wish all our friends a safe journey and a safe home!