The Main Reason for Cylinder Head Thread Damage

Oct. 12, 2020

(1) The main reason for the damage of cylinder head thread:

1. The thread is not screwed correctly during assembly;

2. Bolts with damaged threads are used;

3. The tightening torque of the bolt is too large;

4. There is dirt in the non-through screw hole, which causes the thread to be damaged when the bolt is screwed in.

(2) The main reasons for the warpage and deformation of the custom Cylinder Head:

1. Uneven heating of the cylinder head when working;

2. The tightening torque of cylinder head bolts is uneven during assembly;

3. The tightening sequence does not meet the regulations;

4. The dirt in the threaded hole is not cleaned;

5. Disassemble the cylinder head and the cylinder liner under high temperature.

(3) Reasons for abnormal damage of cylinder block:

Custom Cylinder Head

Custom Cylinder Head

1. The main cause of cylinder corrosion: the same as the cause of cylinder head corrosion. When repairing, the method of drilling, riveting, and filling metal should be selected first. If it cannot be repaired or the corrosion surface is large, it should be scrapped.

2. The main reason for the damage to the threaded hole of the cylinder block is the same as that of the threaded hole of the cylinder head. The threaded holes in different parts of the cylinder block are damaged, which will have different effects on the operation of the engine.

1. Damage to the flat threaded holes on the cylinder block will cause the engine to leak water, air, and oil, and often damage the cylinder gasket.

2. Damage to the plane threaded hole at the rear of the cylinder block will cause the deformation of the flywheel housing during installation and affect the normal operation of the drive train.

3. The damage to the threaded hole of the oil passage will make the lubrication of the engine not guaranteed and unable to continue working.

4. Damage to the threaded hole of the main bearing cap will cause the cylinder to be scrapped.

The damage of any threaded hole in the cylinder block will make the corresponding parts unable to get the necessary tightening, which will affect the reliability of the engine's work, and will cause serious damage to the engine.

(4) Reasons for the warping deformation of the upper plane, lower plane and rear plane of the cylinder block:

1. In addition to the same reason as the warpage and deformation of the cylinder head plane, the cylinder block is the assembly base of the engine parts and bears various tightening torques.

2.The impact load of various working parts is an important cause of warping and deformation of the engine cylinder block.

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