What Are the Symptoms of Broken Crankshaft Sensor?

Oct. 19, 2020

The function of the crankshaft position sensor is to determine the position of the crankshaft for trucks, that is, the rotation angle of the crankshaft. It usually works with the camshaft position sensor to determine the basic ignition timing. When the engine is ignited and in which cylinder it is ignited, the signal of the crankshaft position sensor is needed because it can detect the position of the piston running to the top dead center.

Installation location

For engines with distributors, the crankshaft position sensor is usually installed in the distributor; for engines without distributors, the crankshaft position sensor is generally installed on the gearbox clutch housing, behind the engine block. BENZ crankshafts factory reminds you: the crankshaft position sensor is a very important part of the engine assembly. In the daily maintenance and repair of the vehicle, you must not neglect the inspection of the crankshaft position sensor to prevent emergencies. Bring adverse effects to everyone driving.

What Are the Symptoms of Broken Crankshaft Sensor?cid=3

Crankshaft For Trucks

Main type

1. Magnetic induction type

The malfunction of the magnetoelectric induction crankshaft position sensor is that the engine cannot be started. When checking the engine condition, it is found that the ignition is too late is the real reason why the engine cannot start.

Solution: Reconnect the wiring, re-adjust the distributor, and check the ignition timing.

2. Hall effect

The Hall-effect crankshaft position sensor performs sequential fuel injection, ignition timing and knock control on the engine. When a failure occurs, the transmission signal is not within the normal range.

Solution: Check whether the permanent magnet, magnetic conductive plate and integrated circuit are normal.

3. Photoelectric

The malfunction of the photoelectric crankshaft sensor is poor engine acceleration, automatic flameout will occur when starting, and sometimes high-voltage electric spark will appear. The reason is that the ignition system is not working properly, causing the high-pressure fire to be weak.

Solution: Check the low-voltage circuit, the main relay, the internal short-circuit of the high-voltage ignition coil, the malfunction of the engine control unit, and the abnormal wear of some mechanical parts.

If the crankshaft position sensor is broken, the crankshaft rotation angle cannot be confirmed, and the engine computer cannot receive the signal from the crankshaft position sensor. In order to protect the engine from ignition or fuel injection, the sign of the car is that there is no high-voltage electricity, Of course, the most obvious phenomenon is that the engine malfunction light on the dashboard is on.