Teach You to Clean the Engine Room (Part 1)

Apr. 12, 2020

The sanitary conditions of the engine compartment have always been a headache, with dust and rotting leaves everywhere. This is due to the need for ventilation and cooling, which cannot be completely closed. In most cases, the owner is in the maintenance at the same time, by the way, let the maintenance personnel will clean the engine compartment, but need to pay a certain hourly fee. In fact, the job can be completely do-it-yourself cleaning, OEM AUDI camshaft Factory recommends a DIY cleaning method.

Prepare cleaning tools

1. Engine appearance cleaning agent (there are called engine room cleaning agents or other, there are two kinds of foam and fog) and engine wiring harness care agent (engine polish, etc.) These two things are not expensive.

2. A small brush, the width of the brush head is not too large, the gap of the engine room is more and narrow, with a narrow head more convenient.

3. A mask and a pair of gloves. Engine exterior cleaning agent has certain harm to the human body, smell very pungent, so it is best to prepare these two things.

2. Find a parking space

Although do not use a water gun to wash, but after cleaning there will still be sewage flow to the ground, bad for the environment. Volvo truck maintenance recommends parking in areas with drainage outlets, such as manhole covers and drains in neighborhoods and roadsides, until the engine is cleaned.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Remove the engine trim cover

Many models now have plastic trim covers for the sake of the engine compartment. Many car owners wipe the decorative cover very clean, think that this is to love the engine, in fact, it is just a piece of plastic, covered with oil is still intact there. So to clean it thoroughly, you first need to remove the plastic lid.

The plastic decorative lid is fixed with a clip, directly with the hand to grasp the edge of the lid up can be removed. However, the LIDS of some models will be connected to other pipes. For example, the old POLO designed the air filter inside the plastic decorative cover, and all the pipes need to be removed before removing them.

When the plastic lid is removed, you can see the main body of the engine, which is much dirtier than the plastic lid. After a few years of driving, there will always be some sludge on the cylinder head cover or near the oil injection port. It looks like gray matte paint, and it will be too hard to wash it off with water.

Clean oil sludge

The engine exterior cleaner came into play. Simply dust the engine compartment with a cloth or brush and then operate with the engine exterior cleaner. If you have just stopped, don't spray the cleaner. Wait five minutes or so until the engine cools down a bit.

First, shake the engine exterior cleaner bottle and spray it evenly on the parts in the engine compartment. Spray distance with 15 centimeters or so more appropriate, spray as far as possible some more uniform, mud more places to deal with. It is necessary to note that parts of the engine compartment are to avoid water or cleaning agent, such as the fuse box, ignition coil, generator and e-cu driving computer, etc., it is best to do a waterproof treatment (with plastic cloth cover). These parts can be cleaned individually, and it is recommended that the cleaning agent be sprayed on a piece of cloth and then wiped, which is also effective.

Except for the parts mentioned above that cannot be touched with water (cleaning agent), other automobile spare parts cleaning method is the same, the principle of cleaning is to use the hand to touch the place to wash as far as possible.