Teach You to Clean the Engine Room (Part 2)

Apr. 13, 2020

Five small brushes to clean

After spraying the cleaning agent, need to wait about 5 minutes, let the cleaning agent continue to "eat" mud until they will dissolve completely. Then brush with a small brush, you can clearly see the effect of mud.

There are a lot of gaps in the casting steel Mitsubishi cylinder head and it takes patience to brush it clean because it is then sprayed with a curing agent (the equivalent of a layer of wax oil). If you can't clean it, the dirty stuff will be sealed inside.

The intake manifold of the engine, which has metal and plastic parts, is easily smeared with oil, is very ugly in color, and is not easy to clean off, requiring a brush to "clean".In addition, the engine cabin has electricity, oil pipeline, these also need to be cleaned, to prevent mud and other dirt to corrosion them, resulting in leakage. These textured pipes are also a tricky job and need to be cleaned slowly.

Finally, don't forget to remove the plastic decorative cover also spray cleaning agent wash.

Casting Steel Mitsubishi Cylinder Head

Casting Steel Mitsubishi Cylinder Head

Wash with clean water

After dissolving the sludge, the cleaning agent will stick to the parts in the engine compartment, so rinse them with clean water before they are about to dry out. The water that says here clean is not to risk life to rush, rush with the high-pressure water gun is two concepts, just for the sake of already melting oily mud to wash off, because of light use chamois skin or cloth is wiped not clean, the oily mud that melts will continue to paste on each component.

If you are inexperienced or don't know much about engine construction, Volvo truck maintenance recommends using small equipment, such as water bottles or watering POTS for flowers, to ensure more accurate movement and avoid splashing around and injuring innocent people. Washing them with them has fewer "side effects" than using a water cannon.

But in the water before cleaning, but also to do preventive measures, is to start the engine to maintain idle state, there are two reasons: one is to prevent the ignition coil and other key parts after splashing water, resulting in a short time to start; Second after the engine runs, the body temperature will rise, can speed up the evaporation of water dry.

Seven, wire harness nursing agent

After washing with water, be sure to blow-dry the parts in the engine compartment. Air gun blow-dry is the best way.If not, dry only with a chamois leather or cloth with good absorbent properties (preferably not with a towel, which can shed hair) and leave to dry completely.

If you're a bit more particular, it's recommended to spray the engine compartment with a harness polish (also known as "engine compartment polish"), and the principle is the same. This kind of goods can be bought in the auto parts city, the price is between 20 yuan ~ 50 yuan.

Use method is very simple after the clean engine is completely dried, the wiring harness care agent evenly sprayed in the engine cabin on each part of the OK, its role can prevent sludge accumulation, can slow down the aging of the wiring harness, reduce the probability of spontaneous combustion of old models. OEM AUDI camshaft factory reminds you not to replace the table plate wax, because the table plate wax is relatively sticky after spraying will stick to a lot of dust, it looks even dirtier.