The Influence of Tire Pressure on Driving Safety

Apr. 06, 2020

Black tires seem to be the least car parts for most car owners, but even the best car can't run away from these four wheels. Needless to say, the importance of tires, but how much do you know about the common sense of such critical parts? Custom automobile spare parts factory for you to share:

Impact of excessive tire pressure on driving

Excessive tire pressure will not only cause puncture during high-speed driving but also normal driving will be disturbed. The first is that the tire noise becomes larger; the second is that when passing through some undulating roads, the body will jump too frequently and the comfort will be reduced; in addition, excessive air pressure may make the steering feel lighter, but when the wheel is cornering The lateral grip will be significantly reduced, causing understeer earlier and causing danger; the most important thing is that excessive tire pressure will also affect the braking effect of the vehicle. As the grounding area of the tire becomes smaller, the low attachment The emergency braking on the road will make the braking distance longer.

Cylinder Head For Peugeot

Cylinder Head For Peugeot 

Impact of low tire pressure on driving

If the tire pressure is too low, the hidden danger also exists. First, the tire noise will turn into low-frequency noise, and the occupants may mistakenly think that the tire noise has become lower. If it is measured by its practical instrument, you will find that the noise index is still the same; then the driver can directly feel the weight of the steering wheel becomes heavy The response speed of the front also becomes sluggish when driving in the direction, and understeer is also prone to occur when cornering quickly; the only benefit is that the comfort will be slightly improved, and the body's sway will be weakened when driving over bumpy roads. The OEM NISSAN alternator factory reminds you that this is in exchange for high fuel consumption and sacrifice of safety.

The correct method of tire pressure detection

So how do you determine if a tire has the right pressure? In general, the tire inflation pressure will be clearly indicated in the automobile manual. Mercedes truck accessories manufacturers need to remind you not to believe the eyes because we are now the majority of cars assembled are no inner tube of low-pressure radial tires, sometimes from the outside will feel a little bit flat, but it does not mean that there is a certain loss of air, the standard instrument is the only way to detect normal pressure or not. When detecting tire pressure, it must be in the state of cold tires. If it is a hot tire, it is accurate to subtract 0.3Pa from the measured value. Tire pressure meters are now available in any tire shop or auto parts city.

Determination of tread pattern wear

In addition to tire pressure, tread patterns also need to be checked frequently. Before leaving the factory, genuine tires will be marked with wear limit on the tire side. If there is no such mark, we can also use calipers. Generally, tires with groove depth less than 1.6mm cannot continue to be used, because the drainage performance and anti-puncture performance of Mercedes-Benz truck accessories tires have been greatly reduced. In addition, if a tire has been repaired three or four times, it is recommended that you switch to a non-drive wheel or rear wheel to reduce the risk of a flat tire.

Signs of tire damage

Whether it is a car or a tire, there will be signs before a major failure, and when your car is running out of line, tire noise, high-speed abnormal shaking or the tread has a bulge, you have to be especially careful, because it is likely that your car is in danger, to repair or replace the tire.