Do You Know the Knowledge of Truck Maintenance in Spring?

Mar. 17, 2020

Spring is full of vigor and vitality.In the experience of the cold winter "fast freezing" mode, are you friends want to do a good job for their car maintenance? Toyota alternator supplier has compiled some tips to help friends with automobile spare parts.

Lacquered surface: There is a lot of rain in spring. The acidic substances in the rainwater will corrode the painted surface, so you can wash your car after the rain. After washing the car, try not to expose it to strong light, as this will easily cause the paint layer to fall off. According to the condition of the car, you can choose to paint, wax, seal, and seal the paint.

Automobile Spare Parts

Automobile Spare Parts

Interior cleaning

Engine: The engine is the "heart" of the truck. In order not to affect the life of the truck, friends should usually pay more attention to the maintenance of the engine. Specific measures include maintaining the three filters and cleaning the crankcase, fuel system and water tank.

Engine maintenance

Chassis: The fuel pipe, exhaust pipe, gearbox and engine block are arranged on the chassis. These important parts need to be protected. Every time my friends come back after pulling the goods, carefully check the chassis for abrasions, if necessary, repair in time, and do a good job of sealing and rust prevention.

Chassis maintenance

Battery: Friends who drive will know that if the vehicle is parked for a long time, the battery may run out. If you do n’t use the vehicle for a long time, you may wish to unplug the battery connection cable. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the working performance of the battery is good. If necessary, go to the maintenance station for a test.

Battery maintenance and regular inspection

Tires: Even when driving under good road conditions, friends need to check the tires frequently to exclude some hidden damage and wear. As the weather warms, proper tire pressure should also be maintained, which can prolong tire life and reduce fuel consumption.

Check the tires regularly

As the saying goes, sharpen the woodworker by mistake, adjust your car to the best state, and work more safely and worry-free. Mastering the basic knowledge of repair and maintenance is the key to achieving safe driving. Spring maintenance is more important. Friends are sloppy!

Finally, I would like to remind you to check your car regularly, to find and resolve potential failures as early as possible, and to prevent problems before they occur.

1. Check engine oil and brake oil.

2. Check the chassis for oil and water leakage.

3. Check if the fan belt is damaged or broken, and adjust the belt tightness.

4, check the whole car wiring harness for wireless skin cracking, loosening, poor contact and other phenomena.