Driving Habits Are Important, Retarders Are Not Limited to Downhill

Mar. 24, 2020

At present, many trucks are equipped with hydraulic retarders. I believe that everyone knows about hydraulic retarders. They can reduce the speed of vehicles when they descend downhill, increase driving safety and reduce vehicle maintenance costs. However, in daily communication, it was found that many friends use the retarder only for downhill use. If it is only used when downhill, it does not play the maximum role of the hydraulic retarder.

 Automobile Spare Parts

Automobile Spare Parts

Hydraulic retarder

Some people may ask, is n’t the hydraulic retarder used when going downhill? That ’s right, but what the oem mercedes benz starter supplier is saying today is, for example, toll gates ahead, traffic lights In cases where the vehicle needs to be decelerated, such as traffic jams, traffic jams can be reduced and hydraulic retarders can be used.

You can use a hydraulic retarder to slow down when entering a toll booth

The vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic retarder, and its full use value should be released. If it is only used when going downhill, its use value is only half used. When communicating with some card friends, I found that many people still habitually apply the brakes when entering the toll station and the traffic lights in front. If the vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic retarder, the maximum braking of the hydraulic retarder can be used. Gears perform deceleration braking, and the gearbox selects appropriate gears to cooperate with retarders to reduce vehicle speed.

Use of a hydraulic retarder in non-emergency situations

Many people do not use a hydraulic retarder to reduce speed. It is simply a matter of driving habits. The vehicle needs to reduce speed when driving at high speeds. Regarding this driving habit, mitsubishi distributor china wants to say that in non-emergency situations, a retarder can be used to slow down the vehicle. Using a hydraulic retarder to decelerate the vehicle, we have to anticipate driving. When using a hydraulic retarder for deceleration, it is generally used in non-emergency situations. We found that there is a situation in which a deceleration is needed in the front. The throttle and retarder are used for deceleration. These series of operations are based on the premise of predictive driving. So predictive driving is important.

Hydraulic retarder for predictive driving

The retarder is a good thing. The hydraulic retarder originally used on the train was transplanted to the truck, which greatly increased the driving safety of the vehicle and also reduced the cost of vehicle use. Since the vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic retarder, we should make full use of it