Precautions for Heavy Truck Transmission

Mar. 25, 2020

Custom automobile spare parts factory introduces the precautions for using heavy truck transmission:

1. Keep the engine in an economical speed range, and use high speed gears as much as possible to make full use of engine power.

2. When accelerating, it can be used to override a gear to make full use of the economic speed range.

3. Make full use of the engine's braking effect when going downhill.

4. Mercedes-Benz truck maintenance takes into account the traffic situation in advance. When it is not necessary, it does not use braking or acceleration, and must make full use of the vehicle's primary inertia.

Shifting of synchronizer transmission

1. As long as the method of operating the transmission is correct (that is, the throttle is not released), if the driver selects an inappropriate gear, shifting is laborious, and the transmission will make a harsh noise. In this way, the retarder is used to remind the driver that the selected gear is inappropriate.

2. If the throttle is shifted, the synchronization pressure will be reduced, and there is no indication that the selected gear is appropriate.

3. Under the conditions of frequent gear shifts, the non-relaxing throttle operation has a significant fuel-saving effect on synchronizer models.

4. The shifting action of the synchronizer transmission should be smooth without haste. The correct shifting steps are as follows:

Depress the clutch pedal thoroughly (for this reason, the driver's seat must be properly adjusted) to smoothly and accurately push the gearshift lever to the desired position. At a certain position, a certain degree of resistance will be encountered, and the synchronization mechanism will begin to function. Mercedes-Benz truck repairs gradually increase the force on the gearshift lever, do not push suddenly, and then release the clutch baffle plate, in this position, do not grasp the gear lever to violently impact. After a fraction of a second (synchronization time), the gear is easily changed.

The shifting process is always: "Reverse-Synchronize-Engage".

The synchronization resistance that must be overcome in gear increases with the increase of the size of the transmission. The synchronization resistance also increases in the low gear. For example, when shifting on a hill, the synchronization resistance is quite large and the shifting force applied is also larger. .

When changing gears, in order to protect the clutch, the engine and transmission itself are not overloaded and damaged. Make sure that the wrong gear is not selected, that is, only when the vehicle speed is not higher than the highest speed that can be achieved in the low gear to be selected. Can shift down.

Shifting gears can only be performed while the vehicle is parked, otherwise the gear shifting sleeve may be damaged.

Use of clutch

When shifting, the clutch pedal should be depressed to the bottom. If it is not depressed or the clutch is not adjusted properly (it cannot be completely disengaged, the shift will cause problems, and the synchronizer and the joint sleeve will suffer greater wear.

The specified pedal clearance and reliable release of the clutch should be checked frequently.

5.Emergency operation

Suitable for 8-speed, GP and GPA synchronizer type transmissions. If the compressed air system of the Mercedes-Benz truck is faulty and the zone shift cannot be performed, it can be manually shifted to the low gear. To do this, first disconnect the shift arm and the shift cylinder continuously, then push the arm toward the engine by hand, shift into the low gear, and then use the gear lower than 4 gear to start the vehicle to the nearest repair shop.

Automobile Spare Parts

Automobile Spare Parts


When automobile spare parts are damaged and need towing, the following protection measures should be taken:

7. For 8-speed, GP and GPA transmissions, within 100 kilometers of the towed distance, the shift lever must be shifted to the neutral position of the high-end zone (5-8), and check whether the transmission is in the high-end zone-observe the instrument The indicator light on the disc, the position of the auxiliary gear shift arm. When towing, the speed must not exceed 60 km / h.

Attention! If the auxiliary transmission cannot be hung in the high-end area, or if the towing distance exceeds 100 kilometers, the drive shaft must be disconnected from the front and rear axles. At this time, the vehicle speed may be unlimited.

9. For a 6-speed transmission, the towed distance is within 100 kilometers, the shift lever must be shifted to the neutral position (3 ~ 4), and observe the indicator light on the instrument panel. The Mercedes-Benz truck is checked for maintenance and neutral. The speed must not exceed 60 km / h during towing. Note: If the input or output of the transmission is stuck and cannot be rotated, the transmission shaft must be disconnected from the center and rear axle. At this time, the vehicle speed can be unlimited.