Twenty Practical Car Maintenance Skills

Jun. 22, 2020

Cylinder HeadCar maintenance is an important job that every car lover must recognize. The full maintenance is directly related to the life of the car. OEM ford cylinder head factory summarizes twenty daily car maintenance tips:

1. Take a moment to read the driver's manual and fully adjust the engine according to the user manual.

2. If the battery is used for more than four years, it may only work normally in warm weather.

3. To prevent getting lost or in a state of helplessness, make sure that the phone is fully charged and bring a set of jumpers or portable power packs, but do not use the phone while driving.

4. Check the antifreeze liquid level every week. If the liquid level is always lowered and no external leakage is found, then it should be an internal leakage of the engine and must be repaired to prevent major engine failure.

5. Avoid unnecessary emergency braking and acceleration, so that every additional fuel can drive two miles.

6. If you are using traditional lubricating oil now, replacing it with synthetic lubricating oil such as Ao Chao Neng can improve the efficiency of the car, more effectively keep the engine clean, and prevent the accumulation of harmful sludge and carbon deposits.

7. Let the engine spin for a few seconds before driving in cold weather to ensure that the engine oil flows properly and runs lubricated.

8. Check the tire pressure and inflate to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Low tire pressure will accelerate wear and increase fuel consumption. If the tire always runs flat, maybe the tire is punctured or the inflation valve is broken, it must be repaired.

9. If the tires are severely worn or irregularly worn, it may indicate a problem with the wheel alignment or the front end parts has been worn.

10. The brake fluid in the car will absorb moisture, which will corrode the brake system. The anti-lock system is particularly sensitive to corrosion. It is best to flush and replace the brake fluid every year.

11. Check the color of the coolant. The discoloration of the coolant indicates that the inhibitor is exhausted and the engine and radiator are being eroded.

12. Overheating may be caused by the hose being blocked or being tightened too tightly. Check the hose every time the oil is changed.

13. Check the windshield wipers for cracks or tears and replace them every year.

14. Check the air filtration system every time the lubricant is changed twice to prevent leakage or damage.

15. Check the oil at the same time after changing the oil, because the damaged belt will cause the performance of the engine to deteriorate or malfunction.

16. If the suspension is not properly calibrated, the new tires will wear for thousands of miles.

17. To ensure that the lights are clean and working properly, put a few spare bulbs and fuses in the instrument panel debris cabinet.

18. Check the working fluid once a month, if it is too little, check the hose for leaks.

19. Do not delay when the brake needs to be repaired. This is very dangerous and may cause greater losses than the overhaul of the entire brake system.

20. Always carry tools for repairing tires. When a tire leaks, it can be temporarily sealed so that it can be rushed to the nearest repair shop.

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