Do You Know How To Disassemble The Turbocharger?

Jan. 06, 2020

Chongqing Houhai Trading Co., Ltd. is a supplier specializing in automotive parts, motorcycle parts and steel products. We provide complete automotive components: automotive engine systems, automotive electrical systems, automotive suspension and chassis systems. china oem nissan starter factory introduces you how to disassemble and install turbo chargers for cars?

Disassembly must be carried out in order. The disassembly order is as follows:

(1) Before disassembly, mark the positions corresponding to each other between the compressor casing and the turbine casing, and between the turbine casing and the bearing body.

(2) Loosen the compressor plate pressure plate screws and remove the casing. When disassembling, allow a wooden hammer or copper rod to evenly knock around the casing. After removing the casing, check whether the compressor impeller is damaged.

(3) Make corresponding position marks between the top of the shaft of the wheel and the compressor impeller and the nut at the end of the shaft. Do not wipe off the marks during cleaning. Otherwise, the marks may be unclear during assembly and damage the dynamic balance.

Turbo Chargers For Cars

Turbo Chargers For Cars

(4) Loosen the bolts of the turbine casing pressure plate, and remove the turbine casing (permitting the surrounding of the casing with copper rods). After disassembly, check the surface of the casing for cracks and damage to the turbine blades.

(5) After clamping the turbine head with a wrench, loosen the shaft end nut with another wrench.

(6) Hold the impeller to the left and right to extract upwards and remove the compressor impeller (do not use a screwdriver to pry up from the back of the impeller).

(7) Use a wooden hammer to lightly tap the compressor shaft end and remove the turbine shaft. After the Mercedes-Benz truck is repaired and disassembled, check the journal for ablation and wear, and the mutual position of the seal rings in the ring groove (the correct position is the two ring openings). Misaligned 180 degrees),

(8) Remove the heat shield, loosen the back plate bolts, and remove the back plate and O-ring. Check whether the O-ring is damaged. Do not stick the O-ring on the machine.

(9) Remove the oil retaining plate and thrust bearing plate, check whether the oil grooves and oil holes on the thrust bearing plate are blocked, and whether the thrust bearing plate is crushed or cracked.

(10) Remove the thrust plate, spacer sleeve and bearing ring, and check for ablation.

(11) Take out the floating bearing, check the wear of the bearing, the bearing body, the outer surface, and the wear of the seal ring, and remove the carbon deposits in the oil return cavity of the bearing body.

(12) Remove the shaft seal and seal ring, check whether the opening of the seal ring is staggered 180 degrees, and check the wear of the ring groove and the weakening of the elasticity of the seal ring.

The oem turbo chargers for trucks factory in the truck factory are disassembled in the reverse order. Pay attention to the assembly:

(1) Carefully clean the oil stains to remove the carbon deposits and burrs on the parts and components.

(2) Align the repair and assembly marks made during disassembly to restore the assembly.

(3) The two seal ring openings should be staggered 180 degrees.

(4) After assembly, each moving part should rotate flexibly, no card is allowed to be issued, and the assembly gap should meet the requirements.