Autumn Car Maintenance, Have You Done these Points?

Sep. 01, 2020

Seeing the dry autumn approaching, should I pay attention to the daily maintenance of my car after a hard summer? Today, the OEM MERCEDES BENZ Starter supplier will teach you about autumn car maintenance.

Body and paint maintenance

The dust, wind, and rain in the natural environment have caused considerable damage to the paint of the car, and thorough cleaning is essential. In addition, due to the corrosion of rain acid in summer rain and the direct exposure of strong light in summer, the paint surface of the car will inevitably be oxidized. When the season changes, it is best to clean and polish the surface of the car once, from cleaning, polishing to waxing, sealing or coating. A series of beauty care, these can play a maintenance role in the car primer or car.

Maintenance of air inlet or grille, electronic fan

Autumn is the season when fallen leaves return to their roots. The leaves begin to fall. Many car owners' cars are parked under the trees. Always check whether there is debris in these parts, and clean up if there is debris.

Automobile Spare Parts

Automobile Spare Parts

Interior maintenance

Due to the high temperature and rain in summer, many bacteria breed in the carpets and other hidden places in the car. With the advent of autumn, it is necessary to do thorough sterilization and cleaning of the interior of your car. When doing maintenance, it is best to use a professional cleaning agent with a high-temperature interior sauna machine, which can not only remove dirt and odors in the car but also effectively kill bacteria. After cleaning up, use the protective agent to take care of the interior to make the interior of the car look new.

Wiper blade aging maintenance

Summer is hot and rainy. Wiper blades work frequently and the material of the wiper blade is rubber. The wiper blade is easily aging due to high temperatures and rain. When the wiper blade is not clean, it should be replaced in time. As for car glass water, many car owners may not use it in summer but use water instead, reminding car owners that it is best to change to freezing glass water.

Brake system maintenance

The brake system is mainly for the inspection of brake pads and brake fluid. The inspection of brake pads is relatively simple and will not be introduced. The focus is on the brake fluid. It is easy to see some water in the brake system in summer and cause the car brake to become soft. , So the brake system should be checked in time when the car brakes become soft or other conditions. Always check whether the brake is weakened, runoff, and whether the pedaling force of the brake pedal has changed, and if necessary, clean the pipeline part of the entire brake system.

Tire maintenance

The tire is the "foot" of the car, and it plays a pivotal role in the safe driving of the vehicle. In summer, due to the high temperature, the tire pressure should not be too high, otherwise, there will be a risk of puncture. In autumn, the temperature is relatively lower, and the tire pressure must be supplemented to keep it within the specified air pressure range. It is best to prepare a barometer to test the tire pressure regularly and inflate in time when the tire pressure is insufficient. The tread pattern hidden on the surface of the tire cannot be ignored. The use time will make the tread pattern gradually shallow, so the tire should be checked, repaired, or replaced in time.

Battery maintenance

In autumn, the electrode wiring of the car battery is the most prone to problems. During the inspection, if there is green oxide at the electrode wiring, it must be washed away with boiling water. These green oxides will cause insufficient power in the generator and make the battery In the state of power loss, the battery will easily cause the car to not start well when the battery temperature is low. It is very likely that one morning, the car will not catch fire and can only be in a hurry.

Chassis maintenance

The metal material of the car chassis is prone to rust after exposure to sunlight and rain, which affects driving safety. Therefore, the chassis must be deducted, and the chassis must be checked for scratches and screws falling off. In the daily car wash, be careful not to wash the body and chassis with alkaline cleaners, detergents, etc., otherwise, it will affect the anti-rust effect and shorten the anti-rust time. However, it is recommended that car owners install "chassis protective armor" on the chassis of their car, which is not easy to scratch, cracks, and peels, and can also prevent the chassis from rusting caused by bumps.