9 "Artifacts" for Truck Maintenance

Jun. 08, 2020

OEM VW Cylinder Head Factory

OEM VW Cylinder Head Factory

When it comes to servicing trucks, in addition to finding a master's in a repair shop, you also need to know that some common items in daily life can also be used for car maintenance, which is easy, fast, and environmentally friendly. OEM VW Cylinder head factory introduces you to:

1. Gasoline clean body

After the car has been driven for a period of time, there will be traces of dirt, tar, and oil stains on the body. In addition to affecting the beauty of the car, it may also corrode the paint. Alcohol can help a lot at this time. Using a clean velvet cloth dipped in gasoline on the car body and wiped a few times, you can remove a lot of stains because gasoline is volatile, so basically no traces will be left. For safety reasons, you can still wipe the body with a clean damp cloth. High-concentration alcohol has a similar effect, but the effect is less.

2. Fengyoujing adhesive stickers

It is extremely difficult to remove all kinds of certificates attached to the windshield after the car is examined. Apply wind oil on the back of the sticker, wipe it off with a dry cloth after shading for a while. Finally, wipe it with a clean damp cloth to remove the residual fengyoujing.

3. Anti-fogging glass detergent

Driving glass fogging in winter is a major safety hazard. In fact, common detergents can solve this problem well. Wipe the car glass with a dry cloth and some detergent. Try to wipe the glass evenly. Even if the detergent bubbles are not used during the wiping process. Then use another rag to wipe the detergent on the glass surface of the car. Mouth sighed against the glass, you will find no trace of fog left.

4. Toilet paper roll can remove moisture

After rain and snow, a lot of moisture will accumulate in the car, and it must be removed as soon as possible or mold will easily occur. Especially during the rainy season in the southern region, the humidity in the car is even more serious. But did you know? In addition to the simple dehumidification box, the toilet paper rolls we usually use also have a certain dehumidification effect.

5. Prickly heat powder melts the door seal

After the rain, the door seal of the car was wet and adhered to the paint, and the door was not accompanied by a "squeak" sound. A handful of prickly heat powder can be applied to the rubber seam in the door, and the door can be opened and closed freely without noise. This method is also suitable for the abnormal sound of refrigerator and freezer door seals in the home.

6. Raw onions prevent windscreen from freezing

The frost on the windshield in winter is estimated to be busy for many car owners. In fact, you will be so busy just because you don’t know that raw onions can prevent your windshield from freezing, as long as you use raw onions at night in your car window and A wipe on the windshield will keep your car away from frost and frost. Here to add that wiping with alcohol can quickly remove frost on the glass.

7. Hot water solves the difficulty of cold start

When the weather is cold, it is often the case that the battery has electricity but the engine is difficult to start. At this time, just pour hot water on the battery to solve the problem. Remember to cover before pouring hot water to prevent short circuit. Because the performance of the battery will deteriorate at low temperatures, pouring hot water can increase the temperature of the battery and improve performance.

8. Toothpaste removes slight scratches

The scratches that appear in the bright car paint have always been the heart disease of many car owners. The use of toothpaste polishing can remove minor scratches. First, the owner cleans the scratched areas to be treated with clean water and dry them. Then take a clean and soft flannel and soak it slightly, apply toothpaste to the towel or the scratched area, and gently push and rub repeatedly, the scratches can basically be wiped off or weakened. Do not use toothpaste with small particles of abrasive ingredients, otherwise, it will be counterproductive.

9. Edible oil solves the problem of water in the rearview mirror

When driving on a rainy day, the most annoying thing for car owners is the water on the rearview mirror. Rain gear and anti-fog spray can all solve the problem. The easiest and most economical method is to apply soapy water on the rearview mirror, but the soapy water may foam, so the recommended here is an edible oil, the oil molecules and water molecules repel, weakening the tension of the water, making the water droplets unable to The mirror stays, and the effect can last more than 1 hour.

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