Car Breakdown Repair Skills

Jul. 27, 2020

The high quality AUDI distributor supplier believes that the repaired vehicle must first be searched from the original repair location.

The following conditions: whether the replacement parts are fake or inferior parts; whether the disassembly parts are installed incorrectly (the left and right, front, back, and up and down directions are reversed); whether the mating parts are aligned with the assembly marks; whether the disposable disassembly parts (important bolts, nuts, , Shaft pins, gaskets, O-rings, etc.); whether to replace parts (such as shock-absorbing springs) in pairs according to the manufacturer's requirements; whether to perform a balance test (such as tires) after repairs, and analyze and check other parts after excluding the above factors.

2. For a car that the owner claims to have not been repaired for a long time, the VIE 17-digit code of the car should be checked first, the make, model, and year of the car should be ascertained, and an inquiry should be conducted. Don't be busy checking the test car first. Often this type of car is blindly disassembled and assembled by a "roadside shop" that has caused complex failures, and the disassembled parts are mostly fake and inferior parts. Therefore, the repair conditions (can be repaired, when to repair, etc.) should be declared to the owner to prevent mistakes. Since there are many such lessons, it is necessary to prevent problems before they happen.

3. For cars that are randomly connected or self-connected with electrical appliances (mainly anti-theft devices) and audio in the car, first, check the overlapping parts and the circuit of the overlapping parts, and eliminate the fault. Because of the random connection of electrical appliances and audio devices, it is very easy to cause the failure of the car computer and other electrical appliances. Therefore, such failures should be eliminated first, and then repair and replacement of other damaged parts can avoid repeated rework and repair.

4. For high-end cars that stall and are difficult to start due to collisions and violent vibrations, check the safety locking device first, and don't blindly find other component failures. In fact, as long as the safety locking device is reset, the car can be restarted. Fukang 988, Japanese Lexus, Ford, and other vehicles have this device.

5. Starting from the investigation of automobile retrofit parts, automobile retrofit parts are often the area with a high incidence of failures.

Xiali JT7100, Beverly EX 1.36-liter sedan, and Iveco 40.10 are all basic models. In order to meet market needs, air conditioning devices have been installed in recent years, but the engine has not been improved. After the air conditioner is installed, the power dissipation increases, resulting in insufficient power of the original engine and poor air conditioner effect. The air conditioner clutch is repeatedly engaged and is easily burned. Therefore, the fault location can be quickly determined by the air conditioner's suction sound.

After installing Turbo chargers for cars on Iveco cars, some of the parts are of poor quality and are prone to air leakage and bearing burnout failures. Therefore, the engine is weak when climbing and accelerating (can be judged from the sound). First, observe and check the turbocharger for blow-by and abnormal noise.

Turbo Chargers

Turbo Chargers

6. Check the non-electronic injection parts first.

Imported cars and joint-venture cars have troubles such as poor idle speed and acceleration lag in the early stage. First, check and clean the carbon and rubber deposits from the nozzles, intake flow meters, intake pressure sensors, and idle speed rooms that are prone to carbon deposits and glue deposits. Do not blindly inspect other components such as EFI, because EFI components are generally more reliable, and currently, a considerable part of EFI failures are caused by low oil quality in China.

7. Find faults from domestic parts.

In the process of localization of the joint-venture cars, some of the domestically produced parts loaded on the cars are true of low quality. This can be found from the comparison of the phenomenon before and after the replacement of domestic parts. For example, Iveco, the brake drums, discs, and pads are replaced with domestic parts after the brake system has a higher failure rate than the original imported parts. Therefore, when checking the failure, you should start with this. Don't check the brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder, and other components first. After the carbon canister on the Fukang EFI car is replaced with domestic parts, it is noisy and easy to leak oil, so when the engine makes abnormal noise, first check whether the carbon canister is working properly. All these are facts that exist objectively at present and cannot be avoided.

8. Find faults from modified parts.

For self-modified vehicles, such as the use of R134 coolant for the conversion of auto-diesel, fluorine-added air-conditioning, the vehicle has insufficient power, electrical appliances burnt, poor air-conditioning effect or damage, you should first look for the voltage converter, the modified circuit and the air-conditioning modified parts Eligibility.

9. Find faults from weak parts of design and manufacture.

Cars, like all products, always have certain defects or relatively weak parts due to various reasons, and this is the area with high failure rates. The frame of the Xiali car is thinner and the front part is easy to deform, so the direction is too heavy. When the tire is worn out, you should first check the steering connection part on the frame and the deformation of the front area of the frame. If abnormal noise occurs at the engine cylinder head, check the intermediate shaft and camshaft for abnormal wear first, because the two have inherently poor lubrication problems.

The intermediate shafts and camshafts are abnormally worn due to the inherent problems of poor lubrication.

In the sandstorm weather, the engine is easy to stall. Check whether the air filter is blocked first.

The hydraulic tappet of the Hongqi car is a weak part, which is prone to abnormal noise and failure.

The stability of ordinary Santana cars is not good. When the speed exceeds 120 kilometers per hour, the body will vibrate and the direction will flutter. The steering part should be checked.

The above shows that each model has a high incidence of faults. Knowing the fault law of a specific model can avoid blindness in maintenance and quickly and accurately eliminate faults.

10. Good at summarizing the rules of troubleshooting. The experience of "five first and five later" for repairing EFI vehicles is summarized, that is, when checking the engine, check the mechanical parts first, and then check the EFI components; when checking the EFI system, first extract the fault code, and then check the EFI components and Circuit; when checking the fuel circuit of the EFI car, first the circuit and then the oil circuit; when checking the EFI components, check the connectors first, and then test the performance of the components; when checking the EFI circuit failure, check the circuit diagram first, and then use the instrument to check. Obviously, this is only the maintenance experience summarized based on the early failure rules of EFI vehicles.